Per Reshut

Designs in hieroglyphs. From ancient Egypt to today's world. We are two Egyptologists who decided to use our knowledge on ancient Egyptian language in order to create designs with hieroglyphs, one of the three forms of writing ancient Egyptians used. That is how Per Reshut was born, which means “The house of hapiness”. We basically do designs which are tributes to cult movies and TV series (such as Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Monty Python’s films, Game of Thrones, Dexter, the Big Bang Theory, and much more), to musical bands or songs that left a mark on us, emblematic posters, modern icons… all of them with hieroglyphs. We do also have designs which are more “Egyptological”, with the most characteristic symbols (such as the ankh, the so-called key of life; the udjat eye, symbol of protection, etc), or gods and animals with their names written in hieroglyphs. You can also follow us in facebook and twitter @per_reshut
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