What are the different states of your royalties?

(Question # 98)
There are 5 types or states of your author's rights / margins, depending on whether we have already received the order from the customer or not, if there has been a refund, if it has already been settled or not, etc.

Possible status of royalties:

a) Approved: Tostadora has already collected payment for the order from the customer (the customer has made the payment by credit card or PayPal, we have been paid by bank transfer or the transport agency processed payment reimbursement to us).

b) Pending Payment: Tostadora has still not collected payment for the order (the customer has placed an order by C.O.D. and payment is still pending).

c) Refund/Cancellation: The customer agrees to return an order or an item for which payment has already been taken, or relates to a C.O.D. order that is never successfully charged (it happens from time to time, usually because of the transportation agency or post office).

d) Paid Out: This margin has already been successfully entered into you, as a seller.

e) Paid, Item Returned: The customer agrees to return an order or an item for which you have already been paid out. This is a temporary state, which later changes to Refund/Cancellation.

You can see the various margin states (Approved, Pending Payment, Refund/Cancellation) in the Statistics panel at any time both in summary and broken down by day.
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